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BL plate feeder

  • BL series

  • BL plate machine using the scene

  • BL plate machine using the scene

  • BL series plate machine chain

  • BL plate machine using the scene


1. Use

1.1 Plate feeder suitable for horizontal or inclined line continuous uniform rationing and transportation of materials to the crusher or other mechanical work by the storage silo.

1.2 light aircraft transporting a bulk density of no more than adapt to 1200kg / m3, block weight not exceeding 140kg, temperature no higher than 350 ℃ for various massive and granular bulk materials.

1.3 medium-sized machine to adapt to transport a bulk density of not more than 2400 kg / m3, block weight not exceeding 500kg, temperature no higher than 400 ℃ for various bulk materials.

1.4 plate feeder is widely used in mining, cement, mining and metallurgical enterprises of chemical industry, transport, and other ingredients process. Suitable for medium-sized cement production line loose, massive, large feeding operations. It can transport large pieces, reliable operation in high temperature and humidity in harsh environments.

2. Technical Specifications