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NE series bucket elevator plate chain

  • NE chain

  • NE hopper

  • NE quick opening structure

  • NE chain drive head

  • NE using the scene

  • NE quick opening structure

  • NE direct drive head


1. Overview

1. TB-NE series board chain hoist (hereinafter referred to as NE series board chain hoist) is the introduction of foreign advanced technology similar products developed products. It is currently a more advanced and mature vertical lifting equipment, has been widely used to enhance a variety of bulk materials, such as: ore, coal, fly ash, cement, cement clinker, grain, fertilizer and the like. In the industrialized countries, such hoist a very wide application. Due to its high efficiency, it has become an alternative choice for HL and TH type and so ring chain hoist.

2. NE series board chain hoist a total of 10 models: NE15, NE30, NE40, NE50, NE100, NE150, NE200, NE300, NE400, NE500.

2. Features

2.1 to enhance a wide range: such hoist on the kind of material, less required characteristics and block degree. Not only can improve powdery, granular and bulk materials, but also to enhance the abrasive big material and temperature of the material ?250 ℃.

2.2 delivery capacity: This series hoist has NE15 ~ NE800 variety of specifications. Lift amount in the range of 15 ~ 800 m [] 3 / h.

2.3 Long life: feeding hoist to take inflow, squeeze and collision phenomenon rarely occurs between moving parts and materials, the machine is designed to ensure that the material in the feed, lifting and unloading will not scattered, which to prevent wear and tear on the body of material, the use of plate chain conveyor chain of high strength wear-resistant, extend the service life of the chain and chain bucket. According to the foreign like product in the production of long-term practice shows that conveyor life of more than five years.

2.4 drive power is small: this type of hoist to take into the feeder, gravity induction discharge, and the use of large-capacity hopper-intensive layout conveying chain speed is low, and enhance the capacity. When the material hoist, almost no feed back and excavating, therefore, less power is invalid, theoretical shaft power is about 45 percent chain hoist.

2.5 lifting height H: This series hoist chain speed is low, smooth operation, and the use of high strength wear-resistant chain plate chain, so up high lifting height (up to 40m).

2.6 tightness, less environmental pollution.

Good 2.7 operating reliability: advanced design principles to ensure the reliability of machine operation. No fault time more than 30,000 hours.

2.8 operation, easy maintenance, less wearing parts.

2.9 machine rigidity, high precision: the cabinet after hemming, intermediate beading, and then by welding, chassis rigidity and good looks.

2.10 low cost: due to the small energy efficiency and maintenance, low cost.

3. Technical Specifications


The amount of lift m3/h





















4. Model Description Hoist Model Description Example:


5. Structure 

NE series board chain hoist from the moving parts, drives, upper unit, the central cabinet, the lower device component.

5.1 moving parts - from the hopper and the sleeve roller chain composition, NE15, NE30 take a single row chain, NE50 ~ NE500 take double chains.

5.2 drives - taking Y series motor, through reducer (or geared motor directly cycloid) and chain drive components. (Can also be directly connected to the transmission gear according to user requirements to switch hollow shaft).

5.3 upper unit - mounted track (double chain), backstop, the discharge port equipped with anti-rubber sheet material back. Backstop gear comes in the form may also be used.

5.4 middle section - the middle part of the section containing the track (double chain) (to prevent excessive swinging chain running), or manholes.

5.5 lower part of the device - equipped with a tensioning device, NE15 ~ NE50 take spring tension, NE100 ~ NE500 take tension lever counterweight box.