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FU series chain conveyor

  • FU chain conveyor head

  • FU chain drive device

  • FU Chain drive device

  • FU chain drive device

  • FU Chain drive device

  • FU Chain conveyor chain


1. Overview

1.1 FU series chain conveyor (referred to as "chain transporting machine") is the introduction of Japan and Taiwan advanced technology to produce for a horizontal (or inclined ≤15 °) conveying powder, small granular material of new products, technically in a domestic advanced level.

1.2 Product design and reasonable, novel structure, long life, high operational reliability, energy efficient, seal, secure, and easy maintenance. Its performance was significantly better than the screw conveyor, buried scraper conveyor, and other transportation equipment, is an ideal new equipment.

2. Works

2.1 Bulk material having an inner friction characteristics, which in slot machine by conveyor tension in its direction of motion, so that the internal pressure increases, the friction between the particles increases, horizontal transport, the inner friction guarantee a steady state between material layers, forming a continuous whole flow.

2.2 When the inner layer of the friction material is greater than the outer friction between the material and the groove wall, the material will together with the conveyor moves forward.

2.3 when the ratio of the material layer height and width of the slot machine to meet certain conditions, material flow is stable.

3. Main characteristics

3.1 throughput, efficient transport conveyors allow a lot of material in a small volume space, conveying capacity 15 ~ 500m3 / h.

3.2 transport low energy consumption, by means of internal friction material, the material is pulled promote change, compared with the screw conveyor so that saving 40% to 60%.

3.3 sealing and safety, sealed enclosure so that dust can seamlessly drill, safe, reliable operation.

3.4 long life, conveyor and processing through advanced heat treatment made of alloy steel, single-stranded and double-stranded driver (large models with double-stranded) material, their normal life> 3 years, the life of the roller chain ( Depending on the material) ≥1 ~ 3 years.

3.5 feed length long, on long distance using a double-stranded drivers and backhaul support with roller, use a chain tensioner weight and overcome material impact on the chain, the level of transmission distance up to 60 meters or more.

3.6 process layout flexibility, elevated, ground or pit arrangement may climbing (≤15 °) to install, multi-point access to materials.

3.7 low-cost, energy-saving and durable, low maintenance rate, to ensure the normal operation of the host, in order to increase output, reduce consumption and improve efficiency.

3.8 arrangement according to demand, the machine can also be bi-drive delivery of materials.

3.9 series is complete, FU series FU150, FU200, FU270, FU350, FU410, FU500, FU600, FU700 (numbers indicate the size of the trough) and other models.

4. Representative transportation of materials

4.1 The product is suitable for conveying powder, granular and small block materials.

4.2 such as cement, sand, limestone, burnt carbon, coal, fly ash, wood, ice, powder, urea, synthetic fertilizers, soap powder, baking soda, plastic particles, sulfur, polyethylene, rubber, sulfuric acid potassium, ammonium sulfide, graphite, clay powder, quartz sand, iron ore, crushed slag, wheat, salt, starch, cotton seed, crushed feed, maltose, rice, soybeans and corn.

5. Technical specifications