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SCD clinker conveyor trough

  • SCD Split head wheel

  • SCD Roller

  • SCD chain

  • SCD Hopper

  • SCD drive device

  • SCD using the scene

  • SCD head

  • SCD tail


1.SCD use

1.1 conveyor is capable of simultaneously horizontal and inclined conveying continuous conveyor equipment, suitable for dry granular material conveying diameter of about 50mm (maximum particle size not exceeding 150mm), the temperature of the material should be delivered in the following 200 ℃, the maximum shall not超過 260 ℃.

1.2 for conveying cement clinker, blocks and other materials.

1.3 When the chain by using forging chain, device model is defined as SCD type; when the chain alloy steel plate chain, device model is defined as LSCD type.

2.SCD structure

The conveyor consists of the following components: transmission, the head unit, tail unit, bucket chain and intermediate bracket.

2.1 Transmission - Transmission by an electric motor, hydraulic coupling, reducer, coupling and coupling components.

2.2 head unit - head unit by the head of the housing, the spindle, the head sprocket, bearing and coupling assembly and other components.

2.3 Tail device - the tail unit by the tailstock, tail shaft, rear sprocket, tensioner and other components.

2.4 bucket chain and intermediate frame -

2.4.1 bucket chain includes a hopper, chains and wheels. Wherein the roller bearing role play, located at both ends of the bottom of the hopper, through a small shaft mounted on a U-shaped bracket, and by the roller and bracket locking bolt by two bearings, the oil inside the wheel cavity is filled with grease between the roller and the small shaft for bearing lubrication. Installation position of the belt rollers hopper generally spaced three hopper without rollers, after installation of the wheel that is one meter spacing. Forging a chain by a plurality of links (pitch P = 250mm), each link by the link plates, pin, sleeve composition. Chain plate chain end to end to compose. Each hopper is directly fixed to the chain by eight bolts. Bucket chain the entire operation on the frame member is in orbit. For low-power conveyor chain can be in the form of steel plate chain (code named LSCD type).

2.4.2 intermediate bracket portion (straight line segments and arc segments). The bracket is welded to the base of embedded steel, we have sufficient strength and rigidity to support the operation of the device. As the chain rollers on the rack with walking track rail.

3.SCD transmission capacity